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Wk 15 – Remix Culture

The freedom of remix culture comes with an endless amount of ideas. The creativity behind it is unique to every single person. This kind of art can fill with happiness, fear, excitement etc., it all depends on what kind of media you use. If you want to provoke fear audio and visuals can be used…

Wk 14 – Artist Conversation – Micol Hebron

Artist: Micol HebronMedia: Feminist movement Website: micholhebron.comInstagram: unicornkiller1 Micol Hebron is an “an interdisciplinary artist whose practice includes studio work, curating, writing, social media, crowd-sourcing, teaching, public-speaking, and both individual and collaborative projects” from her website bio. She is heavily involved in Feminist movements for a good cause and for those who don’t have a voice.…

Wk 13 – Sustainable Art

Although the materials used in this project weren’t really found objects on the floor or anything but were multipurpose materials. My old high school robotics team from downey high school, have committed in making face shields for our local downey hospital and others in need that are essential workers.The materials used are small surgical tubing,…

Wk 11 – Vlogging

In my vlog, my goal was to record what I usually do daily from waking up to the end of the day. Throughout the video, I really don’t do much, which kind of sucks because it felt as if I had no content whatsoever. To make it interesting I added a clip of me gaming…

Wk 10 – Drawing & Your Brain!

Cognitive map of Cal State Long Beach This is my drawn out map of California State University of Long Beach. Without looking at the actual map, drawing this was a bit hard as I was trying my best to remember building names and locations to have an idea where everything really is. While I was…

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